Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Polytechnic To Business (P2B) is the name for the diversified series of programs and initiatives that contribute to a close and cohesive relationship between Politécnico da Guarda and the business community, with the goal of developing innovative ideas with the help of researchers, professionals and partners.


The Polytechnic Institutes are places of excellence for the application and development of business projects, whether triggered from an internal perspective (spin offs) or by an external initiative with the collaboration of the Polytechnic (start ups and/or project development).

P2B aims to promote innovation, establish partnerships with the business community, promote the emergence of new products, processes or other projects, make an effective transfer of applied knowledge to the market and promote the creation of businesses.

So and… how is this done? Through:


Entrepreneurship for the win.

Poliempreende is a business ideas contest. However, the fundamental objective is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and the development of new businesses. Participants come into contact with the challenges of entrepreneurship in its various stages: creativity and innovation, idea development and action planning, business creation and/or patent registration, with an analysis and decision on the different types of support in each project phase. With Poliempreende, in the end, new entrepreneurs always win, entrepreneurship wins and the region and country win.


Acceleration and incubation of entrepreneurial projects.

Like the butterfly born from the humble caterpillar, a good business idea needs to develop in a protected, nurturing environment where it can reach its full potential, rather than being crushed at birth by the weight of immediate and future needs.

These cocoons (casulos) are research and development centers for innovative ideas and projects that will give rise to new businesses to be implemented in the region.

This nano-incubation space for business projects is located in old classrooms, now equipped with furniture and some equipment, so that entrepreneurial teams of students and/or teachers who wish to start their business activity can be installed there.

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