Former Students

The unique experience of studying at Politécnico da Guarda is best conveyed by those who lived it and let it transform them.

For over forty years, successive generations have left their mark and taken the IPG brand with them, making it reach the entire country and the world.

Pedro Alves
It was at Politécnico da Guarda that I truly understood the concept of professional rigor, since the teaching staff is not limited to seeing their work as a profession, but as a vocation/mission. They instilled in me the desire to overcome myself and overcome barriers without fear. I feel like I came out of a small country town with a much more global vision than I ever imagined possible.
When I entered “Communication and Public Relations” I was already working as a journalist in Guarda and, throughout the course, I had the privilege of working as a publicist and PR in a company. Basically, joining the IPG was a way of legitimizing in theoretical terms what I had been practicing in the job market for some years. I can say that the degree gave me the knowledge and the benchmarks for creativity that guide my life.
Catarina Caires
...underneath the white mantle of the city of the 5 F’s, there are colorful stories and moments to remember… and the eternal nostalgia of being a student…
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Inês Beja
”At the School I acquired the foundations I needed for the job market… the techniques, the knowledge… from cooking to management”
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Patrícia Pereira
“IPG was very important for us, because besides providing us with an excellent education, it also gave us friends for life”.
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If you are a former student, this is the place to share with current and future generations of IPG students the experiences, life moments, advice, and memories of your time at Politécnico da Guarda.