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Through the Internship and Career Opportunities Office, the Politécnico da Guarda promotes the insertion of its students and graduates into the job market, establishing a link between each of our Schools and the Business Community.





For the recruitment of Students and Graduates from the Politécnico da Guarda, the Internships and Professional Opportunities Office promotes, to interested companies and entities, Bachelors curricular internships, Masters professional internships and internships in the work environment for Short Cycle Courses.



Companies and entities with recruitment needs can register with the Office of Internships and Professional Opportunities to scout and hire students, alumni and graduates of Politécnico da Guarda.



Verallia Portugal
I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, the house where I studied 26 years ago and where I started my academic career. I have a special affection for your institution as well as for the city that welcomed me in a special way. I continue to nurture that bond for the training of new generations within the Verallia Portugal Company. Our Corporate Social Responsibility sponsors the hosting of dozens of internships every year to enhance the development of skills at various levels and enrich the experiences of students at different educational levels. IPG's internships have been very fruitful and have brought well-trained students with potential. A big thank you!
Territórios Criativos
The IPG students that Territórios Criativos has already had the opportunity to integrate in its team reflect the quality of training of future professionals that the institute provides to the labor market, showing common characteristics such as resilience, work capacity and motivation to learn more. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with partners like this.
The BERNARDO MARQUES Group of companies would like to thank the Gabinete de Estágios e Saídas Profissionais for the good collaboration over the past years, which has always been available to meet us in the search for professionals available to develop their first work experience in our companies. The daily professional experience in different contexts, the social and human interaction, and the learning of a professional, positive and pro-active attitude will certainly help these finalists to face their professional future in a safer and more positive way. Thanks to the IPG and its Team.
Thank you also for giving us the opportunity to show our company to young people! We hope to collaborate with you in future situations. The most recent internship that took place was linked to the area of Web Marketing. This internship was very good, to the point of culminating in the hiring of the student. We also had a student connected to the Product Design area, and this internship also went very well. Thank you very much!
It is imperative that more and more schools and companies work together in a fruitful union that allows for a win-win bilateral relationship. The internships in real work contexts give students the opportunity to experience and emerge in various practices and work situations and thus continue to walk their path in a more sustainable way. To GESP da Guarda we thank the agile and uncomplicated way they have always managed the relationship with us, highlighting the commitment, motivation and work of all the students we have been welcoming!
We are happy to collaborate with IPG in the integration of future trainees. The IPG students were an asset to the team of The Agency, contributing with their theoretical know-how acquired in the course, with a fresh and young vision on the subjects and, above all, with a great energy and willingness to help in the various processes that exist in a communication agency.
We would like to reinforce that the trainee was an asset to us, having demonstrated an unmatched capacity for integration and an ease of integration that is unusual for a trainee. We have only good things to say about your student. Whenever you need, you can suggest trainees for our company.
J. Vargas - Gabinete Técnico de Gestão e Contabilidade Lda
This company has been working with the IPG for more than 30 years (we can say that we have a parallel and common path). Some dozens of trainees have passed through this organization, some more expeditious and prepared, others less expeditious, but also prepared. We have good memories of all of them and with some of them we still keep in touch, they question us on some matters, and our collaboration continues. Others, after their internship, joined our staff and are still part of our team today. For all the reasons previously mentioned, we are available to extend this good relationship for a few more decades.
The partnership with the Instituto Politécnico da Guarda has contributed to bringing Norauto closer to the active life of its students, to their employability and also to strengthening the skills of our teams. We are proud of the path we are following together and we are sure that this successful partnership will continue over the coming years.
We know the importance of internships for the integration into working life/labor functioning as an essential complement to the development of the teachings given in your institution. Therefore, our company wants to continue to contribute to this goal, receiving and seeking to add value to the knowledge of the trainees, preferably in the areas of automation, mechanics and industrial informatics.
Comunilog Consulting
Comunilog has a long relationship with IPG. First of all, its social bodies were students and members of important organs of the IPG; a good part of its collaborators also studied and actively participated in the institution. It's been more than 20 years. We grew up and graduated in this institution and we have great affection for it. Comunilog, as a company based in Guarda, recognizes the importance that the IPG has for the city. And as we are an active and participative company, we could not fail to get involved with the student community in such an important phase that is the practice in a work context.

Politécnico da Guarda thanks all the companies and institutions that collaborate in offering Curricular Internships to our students. It is a goal for us, and a source of pride, to combine experience on the ground with the talent potential of each generation of our students.

  • Académico de Viseu Futebol Clube
  • ADM Estrela – Associação Social e Desenvolvimento
  • ADSI – Agência de Desenvolvimento Para a Sociedade de Informação e do Conhecimento
  • Altran Portugal S.A.
  • Banco BPI, S.A.
  • Bastarda, Lda.
  • Brand Queen Portugal
  • C. Bem Estar- Actividades Desportivas Lda
  • Caixa de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo
  • Câmara Municipal da Guarda
  • Casa de Saúde São Mateus
  • CELEUMA – Produtora Multimédia
  • Centro Hospitalar Cova da Beira
  • CFAD – Centro de Formação Assistência e Desenvolvimento
  • Click Criativo – fotografia e Design, lda
  • Clube Bem Estar – Atividades Desportivas Lda
  • Clube Desportivo de Tondela
  • Coficab Portugal – Companhia de Fios e Cabos, Lda
  • Comunilog Consulting, Lda
  • Covet Group, LDA
  • Creative Minds – Soluções Globais de Comunicação, Marketing e Gestão, Lda
  • Dragon Wish Media
  • Marinha Portuguesa
  • Fundação Frei Pedro
  • GEF Guarda, Lda
  • GNR
  • Guarda Unida Desportiva
  • Guarda Up – Escola Desportiva
  • INOV TOC – Contabilidade, Gestão e Formação Profissional, Lda
  • J. Vargas – Gabinete Técnico de Gestão e Contabilidade, Lda
  • Jornal “O Interior”
  • Krypton – produção de ideias para comunicação, Lda
  • Kyntech Services, Lda
  • LightBox – Comunicação Audiovisual
  • LOBA
  • Maurício Vieira Unipessoal, Lda
  • MerkleTech, Unipessoal, Lda
  • Mestre Clique – Sistemas de Informação, Lda
  • Mixlife Lda
  • NDS – Núcleo Desportivo e Social
  • Obra de Santa Zita
  • Olano Portugal Transportes, S.A
  • Peugeot Citroen Automóveis Portugal S.A.
  • Plataforma Jota
  • Plim Produções
  • Polis Fitness Club
  • Rádio Altitude
  • RJS – Serviços Empresariais, Lda
  • RM21 – Design Multimédia, Lda
  • RTP – Delegação da Guarda – Delegação da Guarda
  • Salvador Caetano – Comércio Automóveis, S.A.
  • SIC – Delegação da Guarda
  • Sílvia Massano – Consultores, Lda
  • Sodécia, S.A – Sociedade Industrial de Metalurgia da Guarda, S.A.
  • Softinsa Engenharia de Software Avançado, Lda
  • Solinca – Health and Fitness, S.A.
  • Sport Lisboa e Benfica
  • Takemedia, Produções Multimédia e Audiovisuais, Lda.
  • TBM, SA – Transportes Bernardo Marques, Lda
  • Unidade Local de Saúde da Guarda, E.P.E.
  • Uppout – 2015 MC, Lda
  • Verallia Portugal
  • Zero Graus Produções

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The Office of Internships and Professional Opportunities at Politécnico da Guarda is available through the following contacts:


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