Frequently Asked Questions

The entire training offer of the Politécnico da Guarda is available for consultation on the website, at: What do you want to study?

All information about the technical and higher professional courses at the Politécnico da Guarda is available for consultation here: Applications for the Higher Professional Technical Courses at the Politécnico da Guarda

No. There is only room for the refund of the application fee in case of cancellation of the course for lacking the minimum number of candidates.

You can consult the Short Cycle fees consulted on the Politécnico da Guarda webpage, under Tuition Fees for Short Cycle Courses of the Politécnico da Guarda 

If you have been placed through the National Call for Access to Higher Education, you need to authenticate on the Integrated Academic Management System (SIGARRA) portal, at IPG – Politécnico da Guarda (sysnovare.pt):




User: The first 8 digits of your Citizen Card

Password: Ipgxxxxx# (The password consists of a capital “I” and a small “pg”; the “xxxxx” are replaced by the first 5 digits of the Citizen Card; ending with “#”)

Afterwards, you must submit a copy of your citizen’s card and ENES Form


Candidates placed by the other regimes:

You must deliver a copy of your citizenship card and a copy of your qualifications certificate.


Whenever the course requires it, you need to deliver the pre-requisite proof bulletin.

All information is available in the Online Enrollment Guide, on the website of Politécnico da Guarda and directly in the Enrollment Guide

In order to correctly complete the registration renewal, we recommend that you carefully read all the instructions in the Registration Renewal Guide.

The registration renewal process can be done online, following the instructions given in the Guide.


Before starting the registration renewal process, you must:

  1. Ensure that there are no debts; otherwise, you will get a page saying “No access to registrations: Student must regularize their financial situation”.
    You can view your current account to check whether you are able to renew your registration.
  1. Make sure that all grades from the previous academic year have been entered to your “Academic Journey”. You should not renew your registration without first contacting the teacher of the curricular unit whose grade is missing.

No registration is required to take a regular exam.

With appeal and grade improvement exams, registration is done exclusively online, through the SIGARRA platform – up to 48 hours before the date set for the exam.

You can view here the Support Manual for Scheduling Exams on the SIGARRA Platform – Manual_Exames_recurso.ai (sysnovare.pt)

You can also apply for a grade improvement exam in person at the Academic Services – delivering this form, duly completed – EA.121.03 – Application – Enrolment in Grade Improvement Exams, Appeal Period and Special Period.xlsx (ipg.pt) – or by email at servicosacademicos@ipg.pt – always up to 48 hours before the exam.

To cancel your enrollment at Politécnico da Guarda, you must fill in the appropriate form, found here – ACAD.010.03 – Application for Cancellation of Enrollment_Inscription.xlsx (ipg.pt) and deliver it to Academic Services.

  1. All information is available on the Politécnico da Guarda page, in a separate tab or, more directly, here: Application via Special Call for Professional and Artistic Courses to the Politécnico da Guarda (politecnicoguarda.pt)



    This call takes place in two stages:

    1. Enrolment for the specific tests at the Institution or Institutions of your choice
    2. Online application on the General Directorate of Higher Education website

Each contest has deadlines previously defined by the guardianship.

The announcement for each Call is previously made available on the page of Politécnico da Guarda, so we recommend that you pay attention!

Yes. Applications are submitted on the platform made available for this purpose by the General Directorate of Higher Education (https://www.dges.gov.pt/recon/formulario).

On the DGES page you can check which type of recognition applies in your case.