Live at Guarda

Our Inner Potential

We can look at Guarda from many points of view. Its history, unique geographical location, fresh air, people, and even rocks. At Politécnico da Guarda we see all this, live all this, and most of all, we recognise the immense potential that exists here.

Those who choose to complete their academic training in Guarda can look at it in
many ways. Like a city where you will be far from your own, a distant, unknown city.

At Politécnico da Guarda, we know what our students find. They find a warm, welcoming city. They find the entire country in this unique place, in the plurality of paths and experiences of the other students. They discover, above all, everything they have to give. To others, to themselves, to the region, and even to the country and the world. Come and discover your inner potential.