Unit for the Development of the Interior

Creating and sharing resources and applied knowledge as an engine for regional involvement and development.

Politécnico da Guarda is at the service of academic and business organizations, to equip them with knowledge and solutions contributing to their own development and the development of the region.

The Unit for the Development of the Interior is an organic unit of Politécnico da Guarda
dedicated to training, research, and integrated development.

Organized in Research Groups, it integrates researchers from all scientific areas present in the education offer of the schools of Politécnico da Guarda.


The Unit for the Development of the Interior (UDI), was created in 2007 by Prof. Doctor Fernando Neves and is currently composed of the Board, Scientific Council and Advisory Council for Science and Innovation.

Its activity is organized into Research Groups, and each one has a Lead Researcher. The researchers that make up the UDI come from all scientific areas of the different training offers of the schools of the Politécnico da Guarda, in harmony with the Smart Specialization Strategy designed for Portugal and in particular for the Central Region of the Country (RIS3).

In accordance with the scientific and laboratory skills that the Politécnico da Guarda has been developing, the UDI defined as strategic the following areas of science: Bio Economy, Information and Communication Technologies for Education, Health and Welfare and Tourism. The choice of these scientific fields is justified by the scientific training of its researchers, not forgetting the transversal scientific areas that collaborate and integrate the defined domains, such as Education, Communication, Languages and Cultures, Engineering, Physics and Mathematics.


The UDI Management team is composed of Professor Manuel Salgado and a technical support member, Dr Cristina Castro.

The Scientific Council of the UDI is composed of all those who, in any capacity, including scholarship fellows, nationals or foreigners, work at the institution, provided they are qualified with a doctorate degree or equivalent, and have passed the tests referred in article 17, no. 2, of Decree-Law no. 219/92, of 15 October, or, even if they do not have any of these qualifications, integrate the research career in a category equal to or higher than that of auxiliary researcher or a university teaching career in a category equal to or higher than that of assistant professor.

The Advisory Council for Science and Innovation is a consultive and advisory body to the Director of the UDI. It is made up of specialists and personalities from outside the institution, namely from the business area, and representatives of those responsible for the Laboratories of the Politécnico da Guarda.

The members of this council are appointed by the President of Politécnico da Guarda by proposal of the Director of the UDI.
It is the function of the Advisory Board for Science and Innovation to regularly analyze the functioning of the organic unit and issue the opinions it deems appropriate, namely
on planning and annual activity report.

Currently, this is the composition of the Advisory Board:
Representatives of external higher education entities

  • Prof. Vitor Duarte dos Santos
  • Prof. José Alvarez Garcia

Representatives of the Business Community

  • Eng. José Assunção – AAPIM Association
  • Eng.ª Rosa Santos – COFICAB
  • Dr. João Logrado – Olano
  • Dr. Miguel Silvestre – Bluepharma


Representatives of the Laboratories of Politécnico da Guarda

  • Professor Carlos Rodrigues
  • Professor Rui Pitarma
  • Professor Luis Miguel Lourenço 



Unidade para o Desenvolvimento do Interior
(Interior Development Research Unit)

Av. Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, 50
6300-559 Guarda

Phone: (+351) 271 220 191