Institutional Relations

Politécnico da Guarda articulates its activity with a dynamic network of not only educational institutions but also economic, political, and administrative in Portugal and the four corners of the world.

With these institutions, we share activities, protocols, resources, and innovation. This articulation makes it possible to enhance Politécnico’s educational, scientific, technical, social, and economic offers, thus making this institution a central reference in the region’s development to diverse stakeholders.

Politécnico da Guarda is part of the A23 Polytechnic Network, together with the Polytechnic Institutes of Castelo Branco and Tomar, with two main areas of activity. The protection of people and goods and digital skills.

We joined the University of Coimbra as candidates for the Recovery and Resilience Program in automation and health.

Politécnico da Guarda was invited, through the University of Beira Interior, to join the UNITA – Universitas Montium consortium. This is an alliance of higher education institutions from five European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Romania), which have in common their location in cross-border and mountainous areas. This network aims to create a development strategy based on sustainability, circular economy, and renewable energies for its territories.