Live at Guarda

Where we are

We are in Beira Alta, a mountainous territory, with elevations at different altitudes, which reach the maximum height of 1991 meters of Serra da Estrela, which is one of the major tourist attractions in the district.

In winter, we have snow. In the summer, you will find heat and green corners. We have welcoming, tough and frank people. And we have History and traditions to discover in every village, town or city.

Mapa de Portugal onde localiza o distrito da Guarda


Guarda is the highest and oldest city in Portugal.

Former fortress and border bastion, it houses the headquarters building and the main services of the Politécnico da Guarda.

A place of unique handicraft – see the Papa Blankets – and unforgettable gastronomy – try the Queijo da Serra and then talk to us – it is a symbol of dialogue between cultures and religions and a privileged meeting space.


The municipality of Seia, where the School of Tourism and Hospitality is located, is considered «the gateway» to Serra da Estrela.

The diversity and unique beauty of the landscape, the vast cultural and gastronomic heritage make Seia a place to visit in all four seasons.