Internships And Career Opportunities

Through the Internship and Career Opportunities Office, the Politécnico da Guarda promotes the insertion of its students and graduates into the job market, establishing a link between each of our Schools and the Business Community.

Gabinete de Estágios e Saídas Profissionais


At the Internships and Career Opportunities Office, things are always happening… there are opportunities looking for someone to embrace them, willing to change. Schedule your visit.

Sign up on the online platform of the Office of Internships and Professional Opportunities to access the following services and features:

  • Verification and updating of personal and professional data;
  • Availability and online updating of the Curriculum Vitae;
  • Editing general preferences for using the service;
  • Application for internship and consultation of offers suitable to your profile;
  • Application for employment and consultation of offers suitable to your profile;
  • Access to mandatory forms;
  • Monitoring the professional situation.


In your school’s Internship and Professional Opportunities Office you will find all the information and clarifications about the curricular internship program, the regulations in place and needed documentation.


Note that the procedures to be adopted for each Entity, Company or Institution are case by case. The process is, therefore, differentiated, depending on the specific requests and particular requirements presented by the Company or Institution.



For the recruitment of Students and Graduates from the Politécnico da Guarda, the Internships and Professional Opportunities Office promotes, to interested companies and entities, Bachelors curricular internships, Masters professional internships and internships in the work environment for Short Cycle Courses.


The Office of Internships and Professional Opportunities at Politécnico da Guarda is available through the following contacts:


School of Education, Communication and Sports
School of Technology and Management

Email: gesp@ipg.pt

Phone: 271 220 146

In-person service hours
From 10:00 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 17:30

School of Health

Email: gesp.ess@ipg.pt

Phone: 271 205 220

Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality

Email: gesp.esth@ipg.pt

Phone: 238 320 800