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Poliempreende represents the largest national network for the promotion of entrepreneurship in Portuguese higher education.

It promotes the entire entrepreneurial journey, from the promotion of creativity and innovation, idea development and action planning, to the creation of one’s own business and/or patent registration, with the analysis and decision on the different types of support at all stages of the project.

More than a competition… More than a school subject… An empowerment for the students who experience it!


  • For students enrolled in institutions that are part of the Poliempreende network
  • Graduates of any degree, from the same schools, polytechnic teachers or other interested parties, as long as they are part of teams made up of students and/or graduates.


Poliempreende at Politécnico da Guarda develops the entrepreneurial skills of those who take part in it. It has a focus on business development, but those who experience it develop skills that can be applied to working for others (intrapreneurship) or in the social area (social entrepreneurship).

The development of softskills (observation, creativity, critical reflection, proactive vision, planning, leadership, teamwork, perseverance) will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset applicable to all areas of your life, helping you on your professional and personal path.

The technical skills that are learned here with the development of the aforementioned mindset enhance your value and curriculum.

If you attend Poliempreende activities and present your project to the regional jury, you pass a course unit, earning 6 ECTS, which you can ask for equivalence to a course unit of your course and/or enhance your curriculum and enhance your professional achievement.

So, you can submit your innovative and unique ideas, develop an entrepreneurship project and win prizes. See how.


It is based on a methodology for teaching entrepreneurship that seeks to act in its different aspects and adaptable to the organization of each Polytechnic Institution that promotes it. The base methodology is divided into two phases. The first one seeks to stimulate creativity and innovation through the “E Workshop”, ending in a session of presentation and analysis of the ideas in the competition, in a positive and motivating perspective. In this way, the project seeks not only that students and teachers have innovative ideas, but also ideas with the potential for acceptance by the market. In this sense, in the idea presentation session, the panel of invited members always seeks to boost teams by pointing them to perspectives that can be crucial for the success of the business idea in the market. In a second phase, the teams, already in competition, attend the “E2 Workshop”. It provides them with training in the fundamental themes for the construction of the business plans that will be presented to a regional jury, from which will come out the team that will represent the IP or the School before the national jury.


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ano letivo 2022/2023

  • Oficinas E – dezembro de 2021 a fevereiro de 2022
  • Oficinas E2 – março a maio e 2022
  • Júri Regional – 30 de junho de 2022
  • Júri Nacional – setembro de 2022 – IPBeja

Oficinas E - Webinares

Sessões Alvo Oradores Semana de realização Data e hora Inscrição
Presencial Online          
  Empreendedorismo para que te quero… Estudantes João Pedro Borges
9 de dezembro 2021 18h  
Empreender Todo o Terreno I – Box de ideias   Estudantes Tutores Poliempreende e equipa do Projeto Link Me Up Campanha online    
  Empreender Todo o Terreno II – “Não tenho…” Estudantes Tutores Poliempreende e equipa do Projeto Link Me Up 16 de março 17h
  Webinar “Business creativity: How to develop novel ideas” Estudantes Christian Byrge 25 de março 9h às 15h30
  Webinar/ formação “Building students’ creative skills Professores Christian Byrge 30 de março 16h

Oficinas E2 – Formato online, entre as 19h e as 21h

Oficinas E2 Formador Semana de realização
Modelo de Negócio Catarina Alves 22 de abril de 2022
Análise do Mercado e definição do perfil do cliente Teresa Paiva 26 de abril de 2022
Sessão de consultoria Teresa Paiva 28 de abril de 2022
Sessão de consultoria Catarina Alves 3 de maio de 2022
Plano de Marketing estratégico e operacional Teresa Felgueira 10 de maio de 2022
Brainstorm de Modelos de Negócio Todos11 de maio de 2022 (Presencial às 16:30)
Sessão de consultoria Teresa Felgueira 13 de maio de 2022
Sessões de Mentoria Mentor a contratar maio e junho de 2022
Orçamentação do negócio Adriano Costa 18 de maio de 2022
Sessão de consultoria Adriano Costa 20 de maio de 2022
Análise Financeira Aida Brito 26 de maio de 2022
Sessão de consultoria Aida Brito 27 de maio de 2022
Sessões de Mentoria Mentor a contratar maio e junho de 2022
Comunicação e apresentação do plano de negócio Cristina Castro 23 de junho de 2022


The Poliempreende network is the largest in the landscape of national entrepreneurship in polytechnic higher education.


This network promotes an entrepreneurial culture, encouraging the development of creativity, innovative ideas while valuing the generated knowledge among all those who participate in this competition for ideas and business plans.

Poliempreende is already present in several countries such as Brazil and Spain, in its international component.

e.Poliempreende Platform, your entrepreneurial platform.


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