The brand

The new brand of Politécnico da Guarda carries the drive and ambition of a new interior of Portugal, conquered long ago but long forgotten. It will portray the assertiveness of all those in the interior who want the best for their region and those who explore their interior to find a future of opportunity.



We are a diversity of knowledge, made up of multiple places, people and expertise. We are a complementarity that always wants to be relevant to our community, region, country, and world.


We are specialised and applied. By doing, we prove our impact. By doing, we guarantee our relevance.

We learn from knowledge tested every day, and we rehearse the future with rigour and with our feet firmly on tomorrow.


We are firm and faithful to our purpose and our role in the region. We are humble and resilient in a time and place where nature sets the pace of life.

The new brand has its own typography inspired by the architecture of the Guarda campus and the region’s landscape. In chromatic terms, it is inspired by the colours of the year’s four seasons as they are experienced throughout the district.

Animação do logótipo do Politécnico da Guarda
A fachada do edifício dos Serviços Centrais do Politécnico da Guarda, cujas linhas inspiraram a construção do logótipo
A letra R, por onde se começou a desenhar o logótipo
A letra N, que se inspira nas curvas sinuosas que contornam o território do distrito da Guarda

The graphic universe is thus inspired by physical and political geography, as it draws colours from the surrounding area’s nature and shapes from the district’s map. The new brand is born from the region, lending it a new and more current language, which is at the same time universal and close.

Cores que representam a primavera
Cores que representam o verão
Cores que representam o outono
Cores que representam o inverno
o mapa do distrito da Guarda que inspirou a construção das formas geométricas
Formas geométricas resultantes da ligação dos concelhos do distrito da Guarda agregadas
Formas geométricas resultantes da ligação dos concelhos do distrito da Guarda desagregadas
O brasão do Instituto Politécnico da Guarda

The institution’s coat of arms, designed originally by Dr.ª Evelina Coelho (1945-2013), a painter, was digitally restored to allow a new type of use beyond official documents.