The School of Technology and Management has a state-of-the-art 3D Printer, Dimension SST1200 model, which allows the rapid construction of functional prototypes in ABS (polymeric material), with high precision and durability and at competitive costs.

With this new technology, The STM of Politécnico da Guarda reinforces its offer of skills and capabilities to the Industrial Community in ​​Design, Architecture, Product Development and Rapid Prototyping. Unlike illustrative prototypes produced in weaker materials by other technologies, the Dimension SST 1200 produces robust, functional models that can withstand rigorous functional testing.


Head of Rapid Prototyping Laboratory: Luís Miguel Lourenço (
Laboratory Support: Joaquim Abreu (
Secretariat: ESTG Services: 271 220 164 or 271 220 120


The Dimension SST 1200 allows you to test ergonomic shape, fittings, gears, joints and other functional parameters for which precision is required. It is thus possible to quickly reproduce different models with different shapes, from your PC after virtual modeling, using appropriate software (eg AutoCAD 3D, Inventor, Solidworks, etc.). Models created by the Dimension SST 1200 were tested in wind tunnels and with pressure hoses having supported up to 60 PSI.

The utility of these prototypes is most varied and can be used as conceptual prototypes for validation of 3D CAD geometries, as marketing tools and in functionality tests, namely using liquids, thanks to the properties of the ABS material. Other important value lies in their application as excellent masters to produce silicone molds, being also possible to produce prototypes directly with different colours.

Cost: A quote will be given according to the type of work to be carried out.