• Pedagogical and research components.
  • Provision of services in Geotechnics and similar, whose nature transcends the response capacity of the regional market.
  • Provide laboratory support to private entities involved in the execution of geotechnical works.


Head of the Geotechnical laboratories: Ana Antão and Carlos Rodrigues (crod@ipg.pt; anantao@ipg.pt)
Laboratory support: Manuel Cairrão (m.cairrao@ipg.pt)
Secretariat: ESTG Services (271 220 164 or 271 220 120)


The Geotechnics Laboratory of Politécnico da Guarda can carry out a diverse set of geotechnical studies, namely:

  • Geological-geotechnical characterization of earth and rock massifs.
  • Laboratory tests for geotechnical characterization in soil mechanics and rock mechanics.
  • Geotechnical prospection in situ for parameterization.
  • Geotechnical studies for foundation design.
  • Slope stability geotechnical studies.
  • Geotechnical studies for the design of containment structures.
  • Quality control of earthworks (landfills and excavations)
  • Road pavement evaluation reports, conditions that influence the state of degradation of the roads.
  • Architecture, Territorial Management Instruments and Spatial Planning
  • Others, upon customer’s express request

Cost: A quote will be given according to the type of work to be carried out.


The Geotechnical Laboratories of the IPG bring together a wide range of equipment dedicated to the execution of in situ and laboratory tests in the geotechnical field. Here is a summary of some of the most significant tests:

Tests in Soil Mechanics

On-site tests:

  • Dynamic penetration test (DP’s) – DPL, DPM and DPSH.
  • Dynamic penetration tests with SPT.
  • Static penetration tests with seismic piezocone (SCPTu).
  • Vane Test Assays.
  • Tests with a Ménard pressure gauge – PMT.
  • Tests with Marchetti dilatometer – DMT.
  • Load tests with plate – PLT.
  • Load tests with Screw –Plate (SP).
  • Assays with SPT-Analyzer.
  • Drilling with continuous mechanical auger.
  • Soil sampling.
  • Detection of groundwater levels in boreholes.
  • Specific weight with sand bottle (LNEC E204).
  • Soil compaction control by Rigidity and Module “in situ”; H-4140 GeoGaugeTM.
  • Execution of tomographic seismic profiles with evaluation of the propagation speed of P and S waves and elastic parameters (E0, G0, ?)

Laboratory tests:

  • Granulometric Analysis by sieving (LNEC E239)
  • Granulometric Analysis by Sedimentation and Sieving (LNEC E196)
  • Consistency Limits (NP-143)
  • Measurement of Specific Weights
  • Measurement of Specific Weights of Solid Particles (NP 83)
  • Measurement of water content (NP 84)
  • Sand equivalent (LNEC E199)
  • Measurement of methylene blue value
  • Organic matter content (LNEC E201)
  • Compaction Test (LNEC E197)
  • CBR Test (LNEC E198)
  • Classic oedometer test with diameters of 50, 75, 100 and 125 mm, with automatic registration
  • Direct cutting tests in square box of 60×60 mm and 100x100mm, and circular with 100 mm in diameter, with automatic registration.
  • Triaxial tests
    • Equipment for specimens with diameters of: 50, 70 and 100 mm, with automatic data acquisition.
    • Type tests: UU, CIU, CID, CK0U.
    • Triaxial tests with internal instrumentation for specimens of 70 mm in diameter, with axial and radial deformation transducers, “Hall Effect” type and/or LVDT transducers.
    • Triaxial tests with imposed stress path.
    • Triaxial tests with imposed stress path, for specimens of 38 mm in diameter, with automatic control of the test and data acquisition.
  • Permeability tests
    • Constant or variable load and intact or compacted samples.
    • Permeability tests in a triaxial chamber.

Laboratory Tests In The Field Of Rock Mechanics:

  • Preparation of a rock specimen with a parallelepiped or cylindrical shape, with face grinding
  • Macroscopic analysis of rock samples as well as petrographic analysis and description of aggregates (NP EN 932-3:2000)
  • Microscopic analysis of thin slides under a polarizing microscope, with photographic equipment, without thin slide preparation (EN 12407:2000)
  • Determination of ultrasound propagation speeds (according to the procedure proposed by ISRM and according to NP EN 14579:2007)
  • Wear test in a wet environment “slake durability test”.
  • Apparent and real density, porosity, moisture content and specific weight (according to Proc. ISRM (1999) and NP EN 13755:2006)
  • Determination of the water absorption coefficient by capillarity in stone (NP EN 1925:2000)
  • Uniaxial Compression Test (with load or deformation control) according to proc. ISRM (1999) and NP EN 1926:2000)
    • Breaking voltage.
    • Modulus of elasticity
    • Diametric Compression Test
  • Indirect tensile breaking stress
  • Measurement of the flexural strength of rocky specimens (NP EN 13161:2006).
  • Point Load Test (“Point Load Test”).
  • Measurement of frost resistance of rocky specimens (NP EN 12371:2006).
  • Measurement of the resistance to crystallization of salts in rocky specimens (NP EN 12370:2001).
  • Measurement of frost/thaw resistance of rock aggregates (NP EN 1367-1:2003).

Laboratory and field tests in Soil and Groundwater Pollution

  • Measurement of radon gas concentrations, temperature, humidity, and pressure in indoor environments under Law 79/2006 of 4 April.
  • Measurement of piezometric levels in boreholes and groundwater wells with continuous monitoring of temperature and pressure through Solinst probe.


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